Wow! Where to begin? Heavy D was truly a big brother to us and embraced us like family from the moment we met him in NYC at Daddy’s House. He just had a positive good energy about him that was genuine. All he wanted to do is always help and accept nothing in return. Heavy was constantly concerned if you had eaten and if not he would order food for you immediately. He wanted everyone be comfortable and was always accommodating others.

In the studio it was typically an easy going party vibe with the music blasting, packed room, food, drinks and full of good times. He knew how to have a good time but when it came down to business and getting the music done he would remove the majority of the room and just leave us and Daddy’s House engineer, Justin. He reminded us constantly that this was his last album and his last contribution to Hip Hop.

In late August 2011, we flew to LA to help wrap up his new album “Love Opus” putting the finishing touches. While hanging out in his Beverly Hills condo he would constantly be giving advice, joking, laughing and just in good spirits. Heavy D was full of life! All he wanted to do is always help and accept nothing in return. Heavy D truly inspired us as producers and would constantly tell us how talented we were and not to let anyone in this industry tell us any different.

On our last day in California he wanted us to meet a good friend of his before going to the LAX airport. We almost missed our flight that day but luckily we made it back to Philly. The very next day we get a text “Y’all make it home ok?” “I appreciate y’all. We put in good work”. This is just an example of how cool and caring he was. That day, August 28th 2011 was the last time we actually saw him.

We are truly honored to have met him, worked, learned and laughed with him. If you check out Heavy D’s twitter timeline at @HeavyD you can get a glimpse of the uplifting type of person that he was. His last twitter message 24 hours ago was “BE INSPIRED”.

His legacy and music will live on!

RIP big bro! Love you 4ever!

Check out a studio session that we did HEAVY D recently over the internet using SKYPE in July 2011:

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