Coming from what many consider the most dangerous city in the United States, Camden NJ, started a dangerous music production company, CertiFYD Production Group. CertiFYD is a music production team started by 2 brothers turn partners, Jay and Pi. This production team started out as musicians and later branched off to full production. When an opportunity presented itself up to produce for local artists, they decided to give it a shot in 2007 time frame. From that point on they found this hidden passion of production and haven’t looked back.

The reason why “CertiFYD” is spelled phonetically differently at the end is because they decided to brand their music company using FYD as an acronym as a daily reminder to always “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS”.

Indeed their short fast-track journey in the music game has proven to be worthwhile with already having logged in work with artist like Eminem, Keyshia Cole, Rick Ross, Neyo, Lil Wayne to name a few.

Collectively they play real instruments such as electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, and percussion. This stock rising music team remains humble and motivated to share their music with the world.

Kur, “Back Then”
Kur, “Girl”
Kur, “Cut Off”
Don Omar, “Bailame”
Freeway featuring Faith Evans, “Blessed”
Freeway, “Intro”
Freeway featuring Johnni, “About You”
Siange Twins, “You”
Siange Twins, “Show Me”
Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 (Bad Meets Evil), “Raw” (Southpaw movie soundtrack)
Neyo, Same
Meek Mill featuring Lee Mazin & Louie V Gutta, “On Everything”
Glenn Lewis, “Can’t Say Love” (single)
Lauriana Mae, “Love”
Keyshia Cole, “No Other”
Jawan Harris featuring Tyga, “Keisha” (single)
Vivamas, “Esta Noche”
Remy Ma, White Benz
Remy Ma, Errthang Fake
Wyclef & Haitian Fresh, “Where are my Haitians”
Omelly featuring Jadakiss, “No More”
Omelly, “DC Stamp”
Omelly, “Swervin”
Heavy D, “Hello”
Heavy D, mixing & production work for all of “Love Opus (last Heavy D album)
Lil Wayne, Brisco, & Ms. Jade, “By Your Side”
Beanie Sigel, “Expensive Taste”
Louie V Gutta, “Do It’
Freeway featuring Young Chris, “Real Sh*t”
Ms. Jade, “Pity The Fool” (single)
Ms. Jade, “Rolling Thru The Town”
Ms. Jade featuring Styles P, “Trombone City”
Ms. Jade, “Boom Boom Tap” (single)
Q Da Kid featuring Sammie, “Hold Tight”
Young Chris, “Make You A Believer”
Young Chris, “6 in the Morning”
Young Dro, “Dreaming”
Rick Ross featuring Haitian Fresh, “Boss Status”
Papoose, “Gift and a Curse”
Papoose, “Law Library Chapter 7 Statutory Rape”
I’ll Find A Way, “Wynter Gordon”
Jacki-O featuring Brisco, “M.I.A.”
Jacki-O, “Queen of the South”
Jacki-O, “Be So Mean”
Remy Ma featuring Patti Labelle, “If Only You Knew”
Young Gunz, “We Back”
Young Gunz, “C & Neef for Life”
Ms. Jade featuring Freeway, “Blowing Up”
Papoose, “Street Credibility”
Papoose, “Pop A Wheely”
Papoose, Law Library Series “Statutory Rape”
Papoose featuring Trav “We Book’em”
Diamond Kuts intro featuring DJ Drama, “Herstory in the Making”
Diamond Kuts featuring Lee Mazin, “Thirsty”
Young Chris, “Me & You” (single)
Young Chris featuring Push Montana, “Certified”
Young Dro “Dreamin”
Meek Mill & Karina Bradley, “Nevermind Love”
Brisco featuring Jayse, “Get Busy”
Haitian Fresh featuring Mack Maine, “Red Neck Trucks”
Haitian Fresh featuring Jacki O, “True Ghetto Love”
Lee Mazin featuring Vinny J, “Lose Control”
Lee Mazin featuring Freeway, “Walk In”
Lee Mazin, “They Don’t Know”
Lee Mazin featuring Phoenix, “Don’t Want Your Back”
Lee Mazin featuring Jade Alston, “Alright Ok”
Lee Mazin featuring Gourdan, “For The Love”
Lee Mazin featuring Phoenix, “Tonight”
Lee Mazin, “Know That”
Louie V Gutta featuring Lil Snupe, “Kill The Streets”
Louie V Gutta, “Life We Chose”
Louie V Gutta featuring Freeway, “Family Over All”