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    Atlantic Records artist Lauriana Mae – “Love”

    Check out this new great artist by the name of Lauriana Mae who is both a singer and a songwriter. Initially she was signed to Babyface and is now with Atlantic Records. CertiFYD Production Group had the opportunity to do add some production on the tracked “Love” which was produced by Kwame. The track is Continue Reading

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    STUPIDDOPE interview with CertiFYD Production Group

    CertiFYD Production Group – We had the opportunity to sit down and chop it up with the production duo of the CertiFYD Production Group about the moves they are making and working they are putting in. Hailing from the most dangerous city in the United States, Camden, NJ, the brother duo have been producing tracks for some of the biggest names in hip hop and R & B. Their beats have been worked upon by Keyshia Cole, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Freeway, to name a few. They even had the opportunity to work with the late legend Heavy D before his untimely passing. We spoke about how they got started in their craft and how they have managed to make a name for themselves in such a short time span. You’re probably more familiar with the duo than you think, but now would be a great time for you to become a little more familiar with the fellas of CertiFYD. Check out the interview below, as well as some video’s from the fellas as well.
    How & when did you get started making beats? Jay: We started really getting serious about music production in 2006. We started making tracks on the Yamaha Motif and Protools. Pi: I actually started on Fruity Loops for a little bit but after we got the Yamaha Motif and Protools the rest was history.

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    Beanie Sigel’s track “Expensive Taste” produced by @CertiFYDmusic on “This Time” Ruffhouse / EMI album

    Check out the @CertiFYDmusic produced record “Expensive Taste” featuring Corey Latif Williams on Beanie Sigel’s 6th album, “This Time”. To purchase go to: “Beanie Sigel’s sixth album “This Time,” will relaunch Ruffhouse Records. Then come two weeks of promotion, emotion, commotion, and the Philadelphia rapper’s off to do time – again. August 13, 2012|By Continue Reading